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4 May 2016

Career Stagnation – Whose Fault is it?

Are you more willing than your co-workers? However, are you the one who’s standing by whilst your colleagues are being promoted, being picked for exciting new projects and receiving praise despite being less talented workers … whilst you’re being ignored?

Does it feel as if you’re constantly being asked to do more and give more? And even when you do, your boss never has anything good to say to you? Why are you the one who’s being left behind? What’s going on? Could your work colleagues be actually conspiring against you?

Being over-worked and over-tired can have a huge bearing on your work performance. The buzz and thrill you once gained from your job has turned into frustration. It might seem like a new experience, but this change probably took place quite some time ago when you were too busy to notice. Now that you’re aware of this feeling, you’re fed up because no matter how much effort you put into your work, your efforts don’t seem pay off anymore.

You feel tired, fed up and miserable a lot of the time, even though you probably don’t want to admit this to yourself. Your friends and family members may have voiced their concerns but even they don’t know how tough work is for you.

Deep down you may want to change things, but you’re a bit stuck. You may not know what you can do or how to change things. Life at work has become a bit of a dark place. You have to go there every day but no one really seems to care about you and your needs. Even worse, you’re starting to feel as if you’re the one who’s missing out.

You want to change things and make things better for yourself and your family but HOW? How do you realistically give yourself what you really want career wise when you’re trapped maybe in a job, industry or profession which no longer seems to suit you?

The way out of the darkness

‘It’s time to get your act together and to admit what you’re really good at’, says Sarah.

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Being kind to yourself is one essential part of the change process. You can have what you want at work by recognising your value and worth and gaining new skills so that you’re the one who benefits from all your efforts.

The journey of transformation is fun and exciting. In fact, you’ll benefit more than you could imagine. You may not even recognise the ‘new you.’

Do reach out and email us if you are seeking some new career choice ideas.