InstructorSarah Berry
TypeOnline Course
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How To Become Really Successful at Making On-Line Sales

Have you ever considered why some people are better at selling on-line than others?

This course is going to revolutionise the way you sell on-line and enable you to connect with people digitally on a deeper and more personal level. It will educate you in the actual science behind selling on-line.

Yes, you are going to learn how your biology affects your ability to build trust and meaningful business relationships. In short, you can take your ‘emotional need’ for the sale out of the equation and move to a situation of viewing the sale from the other person’s perspective. Not only will your overall on-line sales performance improve but you will notice that any fear that you may once have had about meeting your sales targets will be replaced by a sense of fun for what you are selling.

You will be amazed that by understanding a bit about how your brain works, a few simple shifts in perspective, thoughts and beliefs will provide you with the connecting skills that you need to close the sale with confidence.

Ideal for You

This course is ideal for people who are currently in an on-line sales role or wanting to transition into digital sales or even for people who feel that they could benefit from this knowledge for everyday life for making sales on any of the digital platforms.

It is packed full of on-line sales strategies and tips from real sales professionals with an end of module exercise to help you to test and perfect your sales skills. The course provider is on-hand to answer any questions that you may have and to help you to gain the most amount of benefit from this course.

Section 1Why Sales Training?
Section 2The On-Line Sales Mindset
Section 3Mastering the “Pain” and “Cure” Formula for Success
Section 4Creating a Fast Response Time to Your Visitor
Section 5Creating a Gentle Sense of Urgency
Section 6Headlines - How to Write Copy that Leads Directly to Making Sales
Section 7The Importance of Gaining Personal Trust and Credibility
Section 8Avoiding the ‘We-We’ Disease That Kills All Sales
Section 9Solving Problems Rather Than Focusing on “Buy”, “Cost” or “Sale”
Section 10The True Art of Up-Sell and When it is Appropriate