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28 Apr 2016

Boost your Confidence by enrolling on an E-Learning Course

The physical work world is quite simply an energy field.  When you take concerted action at work, you’re sending electrical impulse signals into that energy field and telling it specifically what opportunities, tasks and responsibilities you would like it to give you in return.

If for some reason, you’re not taking action at work because you’re more focused on the ‘doing’ part of your job rather than thinking about the future (or perhaps your past efforts have only led to disappointments) then slowly but surely you’re the one who will start to miss out.

Even if you’re positive inside and hoping for good things to happen (but not doing them) then you’re not helping yourself either.  You’re literally becoming a career idea hoarder.  You’re hoarding all those positive electrical impulses for yourself due to past hurts and creating internal blockages. The truth is unless you send out the right message or signals at work nothing will come back to you.

Action is, therefore, the most powerful and effective message to the physical work world.

Taking action has never before been so important.  For the company that once took care of your career development is probably more focused now on maintaining its own profit margin, market share and keeping internal and external stakeholders happy in this turbulent and fluctuating economic market.  It’s quite simply down to you to keep your skills up-to-date and look after your career development so that you’re the one who fully benefits.

Technology has advanced so much in the past few years that you literally have access to professional experts around the globe from your tablet or smart phone device.  You no longer have to attend a training course or travel miles to gain the information you need. It’s all there at the click of a button.  Teaching, sharing and learning new information are now activities that are open to almost everyone. And you have an abundant source of e-learning course options to choose from.

E-learning is one of the fastest growing sectors and has the added benefit of also being recession proof.  If you have a skill needed by the business world, you’re guaranteed to find an eager, inquisitive and committed audience.  If you’re a dedicated employee who cares about their job and wants to continue to serve and add value to your company, you’ll easily find many interesting courses online in which to enrol.  The tip is to choose something that interests you and which serves you well in your current or new job.

Learning on line has many advantages but here are the top 3 business benefits which may help you to see the importance of gaining new professional skills.

  1. Flexibility – learning is one of the fastest ways to boost your flexibility, a trait which is highly valued by employers. Employers need staff that are flexible and willing to adapt to changing demands at a moment’s notice.
  2. Motivated- learning is fun. It boosts energy and endorphin levels and helps you appreciate the value you offer a business.  If you’ve invested in training yourself, you’ll be asked to take on new tasks at work.  It may involve mentoring less experienced members of staff, covering a colleague’s absence or even training new recruits.  Even if you don’t immediately get rewarded for your input, you can rest assured that your value is being recognised by your company and it won’t be long before a promotion, reward or financial benefit finds its way back to you.
  3. Value – everyone likes to feel valued, recognised and appreciated by their employer. Lack of value is often the main reason people look to change jobs or careers. And the absence of it can lead people to feel resentment for the contribution they make to the success of the organisation.

If you start to manage your own career development, you’re not looking outside of yourself to gain value.

You’re the person who’s in charge and finding ways to boost your value by adding new skills and knowledge to your repertoire.  Being on a continuous learning programme also means that you’re more aware of your market value and in turn you’ll start to earn the level of income that you once dreamt about in the past.

Send out a clear positive message to the work world today by enrolling yourself in an e-learning course.

I guarantee you’ll find a suitable course which will help you value yourself more and boost your motivation levels.  Remember that a skilled, positive and talented person is an attractive asset for any organisation.

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