Sarah Berry offers proven career and personal development strategies through her online courses. May be: You are having a tough time at work You are are stuck in a career rut You are at risk of burnout You are feeling trapped and unfulfilled by what you do each day You are not earning enough money You are feeling lost and disappointed by recent events at work Or may be you are not where you thought you would be at this stage of your life. If your work is draining your life force energy, it is time to gain some career strategies from Sarah Berry - a leading Career Coach. Sarah Berry has a very direct, down-to-earth and practical approach to careers and her courses are packed full of helpful and insightful career techniques. She offers you guidance about how to get back in touch with your spirit, passions, dreams, hopes and energy so that you have the courage to take the necessary career steps. “You spend too many hours at work not to enjoy yourself. If you are not on the right career path, you may be experiencing career challenges. Fear and lack of self-belief often stop people from taking the necessary action. It is often when things become unbearable at work or when events are taken out of their hands that people respond to what they have often been feeling for a long time. Sarah Berry is Managing Director of,and she believes that everyone has a career purpose even if they are unsure what it is. It is a matter of identifying what you are good at and then getting on the right career path for you. It may involve marketing yourself in a new way to employers or starting a new business. Whatever career path you want to pursue, Sarah will help you to make it possible.